04 December 2014

desert wedges.

old navy plaid flannel shirt
j crew factory wool skirt
toms desert wedges

there aren't many clothing or accessory items i pine after or long to have in my closet.  i rarely see something on someone else and say, "i have to have that!"  BUT i have always had in the back of my mind that i wanted a pair of toms desert wedge boots.  i've tried a pair from old navy (since donated) and a pair from merona, but neither have been exactly what i had in mind.  so when toms offered 25% off the weekend of thanksgiving it was time to buy as i've never seen a discount that big.  i knew as soon as i tried them on right out of the box (they were still cold from being on a UPS truck all day!) that i made a good choice. even though i may not long for the trendy items you see pop up multiple times on your blog feed a day (does everyone have a blanket scarf yet??), i do hope to continue to have that feeling with future clothing items i buy because i love these shoes!!

get the look: exact plaid / this season's wool skirt / exact wedges

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