13 January 2015

matchy. matchy.


merona sweater {thrifted target stock}
calvin klein skirt {thrifted}
world market scarf
c label sherry flats

do you ever worry about being too matchy matchy?  i definitely gravitate toward matching and being coordinated, but maybe i interpreted my color coordination a little too strictly with this outfit.  the brighter green sweater was chosen to match the similar hue in the scarf, as were the heathered brown tights.  there's navy in the scarf that matches my skirt & flats and go with the color theme of the scarf.  i guess i just can't help myself when beautiful scarves like this provide such an easy starting point for an outfit.  plus, it felt pretty good when my supervisor mentioned that she liked how my entire outfit matched and always looks forward to seeing what i wear each day.  that is one of the best compliments i've received in a long time!

get the look:  similar sweater / similar skirt / similar scarf / exact flats / exact tights

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