02 January 2015

one in, one out: december 2014

for each clothing, shoe, and accessory purchase i make this year, i am donating/selling/recycling a comparable item in an effort to better manage my closet.  check out my "one in, one out" tag for more of these monthly posts!
{what came in} 

item purchased $ paid original
j crew factory lace-stripe blouse 23.60 78
j crew factory embroidered-front top - pink 21.59 59.50
toms metallic desert wedges 66.75 89
merona doubleweave straight leg pants - gray 16.74 27.99
merona crepe ss blouse - floral 13.09 22.99
merona embellished crew neck sweater 14.36 27.99
old navy cableknit sweater - emerald 7.60 34.94
old navy swing coat - gray 11.68 49.94
old navy sleeveless fleece dress 5.97 34.94
old navy boat-neck top - raisin 0.75 12.50
j crew factory heathered tights ppal 16.50
j crew factory tipped peter pan collar tee ppal 74.20
*merona boot-cut jeans (gw) 2.62
target sleeveless navy/green blouse (new-gw) 3.74 19.99
*loft floral pencil skirt (gw) 3.74
*loft navy/yellow striped SS blouse (gw) 4.49
mossimo fleece sweatpants - black gift 19.99
handmade gray cowl (see below) gift
charming charlie gray/pink houndstooth scarf gift 14


* not pictured

there wasn't much reason behind what i purchased this month, just stuff i liked!  i was happy to get a few new j crew factory blouses (i don't have much willpower at that store, so thankfully their 30% off clearance codes come around pretty frequently) and some good deals at old navy with a percentage off code and gift card.  i'm glad i found a few deals when i went out thrifting with my mom last week too, including a nice dark-wash pair of jeans i can wear to work on fridays.  i also always include any clothing/accessory gifts i receive in my spreadsheet; here's the cowl that my sister knit for me for christmas:

(i know, awesome huh?)

{what went out}

looking ahead:  in 2015, i definitely plan to continue with this "one in, one out" philosophy and i am going to challenge myself to stick to a budget (no more spending sprees of $200 a month, gah!).  i'm sure closet organization will be an ongoing project in 2015 as well, which may include some sort of inventory.  i always feel a bit embarrassed when i have friends or family over and we take them on a tour that inevitably includes my small walk-in closet that is packed with clothes.  everyone has something to say, and i'm starting to feel a bit embarrassed and gluttonous by the shear amount of clothes i have.  i've always had this mindset that if i have the space, i might as well fill it, but if the space i have isn't filled with clothes i love and wear all the time, what's the point?  if you're curious (i know i always am), here's a quick look at my closet:

left: folded up sweaters & cardigans on a bookshelf / boxes of tights & folded up pants sitting on top
middle: blazers (unseen, on far left) / sleeveless blouses / button downs / dresses (unseen, on far right)
right: 3/4 sleeve blouses / short sleeve blouses / skirts hanging underneath

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