07 January 2015

windchill wardrobes.

j crew factory eyelet front top
loft floral skirt {thrifted}
crown vintage tisha pumps

thanks to everyone who responded to my post last week about my blogging slump and uncertainty about lit & sty's blogging future.  what stood out to me is that i'm not alone in these feelings and it's something everyone experiences.  that was reassuring, as were so many people's comments that they want me to keep blogging.  really?!  i promise that i won't up and leave the blog and i have no plans to stop any time soon.

it was a whopping -10 this morning when i left for work but oddly enough i feel warmer in tights than pants when it's cold out.  maybe because the fabric of the tights is right against my legs compared to pants that are loose and allow wind to breeze through more easily.  does that make sense?  i thrifted this identical loft skirt a few months back that i knew would be too small, but it was still disappointing when i tried to try it on and promptly had to sell it on eBay.  needless to say, i was pretty excited to see another one show up at the goodwill in my size for just a few dollars.  the fabric is pretty stretchy and has an elastic waistband along with a zipper, which i think is pretty darn ingenious!  you get the look and feel of a straight pencil skirt but a nice elastic waistband!  it's one of the best fitting skirts i have right now, which sure is confidence boosting!

have a great week!

get the look: similar blouse / similar skirt / similar heels / similar necklace

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