13 February 2015

four things friday (movies)

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finally, friday!  fridays are notoriously my busiest days at work and today was no exception.  i feel like i could collapse in bed and be dead to the world for hours, but not until i answer my "four things friday" question:  four movies i’ve watched more than once:

well, this question is a little tricky as i feel like most movies i like or choose to watch i end up seeing more than once... so maybe i'll list four movies that i will always stop and watch if they come on tv?

* 27 dresses: this is one of my all-time favorite movies and i seriously can watch it over & over.  i love katherine heigl's character in this movie compared to many of the movies/tv shows she's been featured in since then, and i love the love story that develops between her and malcom! 

* 13 going on 30: i love when this movie comes on tv - much like 27 dresses, i love jennifer garner's character and i think it's one of the better freaky friday-ish/girl goes back in time and must figure out how to get back to her real self type of movies.

* you've got mail:  even though this movie is getting up there in years and it's funny to chuckle when you hear the dial-tone connecting to AOL, i just love not only the fact that meg ryan's character works in a bookstore but that she develops a friendship with someone online as that is how so many of my friendships have developed in my life.

* definitely, maybe:  this is another movie that you'll see on tv every so often that i always have to stop and watch.  i think ryan renyolds is a great romantic-comedy actor and i love how he tells the story about meeting his daughter's mom to her throughout the movie with the various flashbacks and the audience is right there with her, trying to figure out who the mom is!

is it obvious that my favorite movies are romantic comedies?!  have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

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