27 March 2015

four things friday (four things i'm looking forward to)

converse white blouse {thrifted target stock}
merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}
gap 1969 straight jeans
toms desert wedges

get the look:  similar white blouse / similar cardigan / exact jeans / exact wedges / similar necklace
you guys, i am still having so fun to answering these questions and showing you what i wear to work on fridays.  i hope you have enjoyed reading my answers and learning more about me in the process.  i think i have one more week to go after today - but today's is kind of a fun one:  four things i am looking forward to this year:

* george ezra concert:  i have been looking forward to this concert since december!  i am out of this world excited to finally see this guy live at his sold out show here next week!  earlier this year he opened up for sam smith and he's currently opening up for hozier but i feel a bit lucky because his tour stop in minneapolis is his own headlining show.  i'm sure i'll gush all about it to you guys later next week!

* baseball!  i love baseball - i love our outdoor stadium, i love picking different seats every game, i love helmet nachos, i love choosing what games i go to based on the giveaways, i love the emotional raising of the american flag by older veterans, i love it all!  the picture above are the giveaways we're getting from the games we ordered tickets to so far.  i have been dreaming about that bomber hat on the far right ever since i missed out on it last season, haha, so i bought tickets to that game right away when i saw they brought it back.  my sister and three of our friends are taking the day off work and hitting up opening day in mid-april, too, which is bound to be a fun time.

* hanson trip in may: i've mentioned many times before that my favorite band, hanson, hosts a weekend of events in their hometown of tulsa, oklahoma for their fanclub members.  i'm really looking forward to attending again this may.  it's really the one "trip" i plan a year and i always have a pretty good time.  plus, i need to stock up on my mmmhops (hanson's beer) that is only distributed around that area of the midwest. :)
*day trips to duluth:  i mentioned in one of these other "four things friday" posts that i love going up to northern minnesota, specifically to duluth which is a city that lies on lake superior.  at just over two hours away, it's far enough from what we call "the cities" (shortened for the "twin cities" = minneapolis & st paul/the metro area) that it feels like a refreshing break and mini-vacation whenever i go up there.  i'd like to make it a point to take more day trips through the spring/summer, especially since i have a few friends who live up there and are always up for weekend adventures!

thanks, as always, for visting!  do you have anything extra fun coming up this year that you're looking forward to?

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