03 April 2015

four things friday (four tv shows i watch)

agora blouse {via thredup*}
old navy open front cardigan
old navy sweetheart boot cut jeans
toms desert wedges in gunmetal metallic

{ similar blouse / exact cardigan / exact jeans / exact wedges }

you guys, today is my last round of these "four things friday" questions - they have been such fun posts to write!  i think i'm going to hunt around for more survey questions to build blog posts around just because they're such an interesting way to share information about myself and you guys seem to like reading them!  thank you to brynn for letting me pinch this friday Q&A idea from her, and valerie for originally finding these questions and posting them to her blog!  today i'm talking about four tv shows i watch:

the amazing race:  i freaking love this show!  my twin sister and i definitely dream about going on it together and it's fun to consider who would do what roadblock or detour challenge and the skills we would need to learn (driving a stick shift, dancing) or stunts we'd need to try (bungee jumping, rappelling) before going on the show.  i'd also need to get contacts and a prescription for ativan with all of the flying, haha.  i actually perused the website after the last season to see if there was information on applying, but i didn't see any information about that at all. it's a fun dream though!

the mindy project:  i love this comedy so much.  i love mindy's character, her relationships, her outfits - and the dialogue and scenes flow so well from week to week.  sometimes her character is a bit ditzy (this is the reason why i could never get into the new girl despite my love for zooey deschanel), but she always has love in the forefront of her actions.

the voice:  i became a voice fan two seasons ago and am still holding strong.  i have been concurrently watching american idol this season and it is so strikingly obvious which singing competition rises to the top. the voice certainly has better judges and better contestants (as an aside, i'm kind of appalled at how mediocre the singers are on american idol this week aside from maybe two girls [joey & jax] and one guys [clark]).  i just wish the judges on the voice offered more constructive criticism - or critique at all, they rarely do that - but aside from that, i really enjoy the show.

dontown abbey:  yep, i'm gonna go there - i'm still a huge fan of this show (and the show that aired before it on pbs this season, the great british baking show - that show was fantastic!).  i'm a little concerned about the longevity of the show as all of the main characters keep dying or moving away but hopefully the writers are going to keep it going.  i mean, we have to find out if crabby mary is ever  going to find another husband or not, right?

honorable mentions:  about a boy, marry me, a to z.  i have seen a handful of episodes from these shows this season and enjoyed them all (especially a to z) but unfortunately i cannot comment much more as i become a narcoleptic after i eat dinner and lay down on the couch and fall asleep in about two minutes and can never stay awake until these shows air at 8 or 8:30pm.  true story.  i have them all saved on my tv so maybe during the drought of tv shows in the summer i can finally catch up or just call it a loss since i hear a couple of them have sadly been cancelled...

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