07 April 2015

linen & lace & potlucks.

j crew factory lace linen tee
ann taylor sateen straight leg pants
cl by laundry marcie wedges

{ exact top / exact pants / exact wedges or same style in herringbone - cute! }

i was so excited to wear this top today as the temps surpassed 70 degrees here in minnesota - in april, what the what.  of course it brought some severe weather, but that windy warmness was so delightful and this was the perfect top to wear.  i didn't want to add a necklace that may detract from the pretty lace detailing around the neckline and sleeves but i felt a bit bare without any jewelry so i added the bangle that ended up complementing the shoes quite well.  i don't have many bracelets anymore as their annoyance factor overrides their fashion impact but i'm glad i have a couple still laying around for outfits like these!

so, i don't know what your guys's workplaces are like, but it seems like there is always a potluck where i work (a nursing home).  next week there is a baby shower/potluck for one of the nurses in our memory care unit, and a couple weeks after that is another potluck/going away party for our DON who is retiring.  i always feel it important to participate in these events, even if i struggle coming up with appropriate recipes to share that can be served at room temperature or chilled and that can feed a large number of people.

after doing some hardcore googling, i stumbled upon the chex website and found a recipe for chex muddy buddies geared toward the celebration of a baby boy - and i thought that would be perfect for the baby shower potluck!  i may even scour the party aisles of target to find mini take-out boxes to put individual servings in so the nurses or aides can just grab one to quickly eat since their days are so busy caring for our residents.  i would like to think i am a pretty creative & crafty person but i never actually put any of the ideas i come across into action, so now i am actually kind of excited for this party!  do you have any go-to potluck recipes to feed a crowd?  i made hidden valley oyster crackers a couple times last year for various parties, which is so simple and usually goes over pretty well!

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