28 May 2015

feeling famous.

loft floral blouse {thrifted}   ·  gap cardigan {thrifted}
old navy skinny boyfriend khakis   ·   merona bella flats

{ similar blouse / similar cardigan / exact pants / similar flats }

even though i always find it kind of funny when i happen to wear clothes from all one brand because they coordinate so well together, i also really love how three items from three different stores can coordinate so well together like in this outfit!

so, one final story to share from my hanson weekend in tulsa a couple weeks ago.  i submitted a story explaining what one of their songs meant to me and was one of five fans selected to go on stage and talk about it with taylor.  no, taylor does not still look like this {but who would really mind if he did}.  my story was about how i was encouraged by one of their songs when i was in grad school to continue pursuing my master's in social work and entering a helping profession and it led into a conversation about how my career path parallels the meaning in one of hanson's songs - it was incredible!

it was such an awesome opportunity and came completely as a shock as i was the last person selected.  we didn't know ahead of time who would be chosen so by that time i figured my odds were pretty slim.  it was a complete blur walking up to the stage, hugging taylor, and figuring out how to talk into a microphone (why is that so awkward?!), haha.  luckily, i tracked down a fan in the audience on instagram afterwards who took a bunch of pictures and sent me these gems and my friend i traveled with took a video of our entire conversation, so the memories will never fade!

thanks for visiting and thanks for letting me share!

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