12 May 2015

go to blouse.

ana blouse {thrifted}
old navy boyfriend khakis
mossimo ona flats

{ similar blouse / exact pants / exact flats }

this outfit feels a little plain and uninspired but i had gotten home pretty late the previous night from a baseball game and didn't get much sleep and was basically dead to the world today.  i don't know what was wrong with me but i could barely keep my eyes open all day!  i must be getting old.  usually in these instances i grab this skirt but i felt like i just wore it.  on the other hand, i hadn't worn this blouse in a while so i just threw it on and that was that!  sometimes that's how my outfits come together.  nothing special, not much thought, just a practical need to get out the door.  curling my hair did help though as i find that usually elevates the way i feel about my look since my hair is getting pretty long and scraggly these days.

here's a fun picture from the game.  it was star wars night (may the 4th be with you - get it?).  there were people dressed up as darth vadar and storm troopers and the players had light sabers as bats in their pictures on the jumbo-tron.  i'm not particularly a star wars fan (i've only seen a couple of the newer movies with natalie portman) but the theme still made for a fun evening!  and we had awesome seats right behind our team's dugout!

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