05 July 2011

easing in... day 1

as a new blogger, i'm feeling a little daunted trying to "introduce" myself to my readers.  i'm taking a tip from something i saw on another blog {ashlee at casual & clueless} and posting a fact about myself for the first week of to l&s.  i'm looking forward to getting to know you all as well, too!

let's start out with a good one!

#1:  my favorite band is hanson.
as in... i've been a fan for fourteen years, i ran a pretty popular hanson website from 1998-2008, i've seen them in concert in eleven states, and i have 317 of their songs in itunes. this band defined my teenage years and continues to pull me along with them as the years pass.  and while we're being straight with each other, let me clear a few things up:  yes, they have aged just as much as we have in the past fourteen years.  they are all married and all have multiple children with biblical names.  they are still making incredible music (2010's shout it out is their most recent release).  i could go on and on, but i'll wrap up with a photo:

private concert for fan club members in tulsa, oklahoma on may 14, 2011

can you find me?  here's what i wore:

brown & white polka dot top: merona 
pink cardi: banana republic {thrifted} 
jeans: old navy "diva" cut 
shoes: bronze glitter toms

okay, come back later today and i promise there will be less talk about hanson and more talk about fashion!

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