03 July 2011

june 2011 purchases

it's the end of the month, so it's time to run down my clothing purchases for june.  this month i spent $46.40 on the following ten pieces:

gap mesh panel cardigan - originally $59.99, thrifted nwt for $7.99 {goodwill}
lately i've noticed the goodwills in my area stocking clearance stock from gap... except of course we all know that what is clearance in the stores is often still full-price online.  the goodwill where i purchased this cardigan practically had an entire size run of the cardigan, and multiples at that.  i checked gap.com when i returned home and could not believe the original price - $60!  honestly, i just stop questioning how certain stock arrives at goodwill stores and happily clutch it in my grubby little hands all the way to the cashier!

girls' cherokee blue denim 3/4 sleeve shirt - originally $12.99, thrifted nwt for $4.99 {goodwill}
a denim shirt has been on my want list for a while.  there's nothing quite as versatile!  i like the sleeves rolled up to my elbows, but i don't like the flowery tabs so i simply hid those underneath the sleeves.  i love taking a quick stroll through the children's clothing aisles at goodwill, as i can fit into a girls xl or boys l.  i'm still hoping to find a cute navy boy's blazer one of these days!

mossimo odell ruffle flats - originally $12.99, purchased new for $6.48 {target}
i've been on the look-out for nude colored flats, so when i spotted these in the clearance shoe section at target i didn't think twice!  i have quite a few pairs of the odell flats from mossimo and i love this addition.  the ruffle bow is fun & adds something different!
merona maribel peep-toe wedges - originally $29.99, thrifted nwt for $9.99 {goodwill}
these wedges had been in my shopping cart at target.com for months but they retail for $29.99 in store and online, so i've been holding out for a sale/clearance.  however, when i found a lone pair in my size in my preferred color at goodwill it was meant to be!  now, i should mention that i don't own any open-toed shoes.  i have an unfortunate aversion to feet & toes (yes, mine included!), but i figure it's time to push out of my comfort zone for these shoes... even if i end up hiding my feet under my desk all day the first time i wear them!

mossimo cami - originally $8, bought new for $5 {target}
a few weeks ago several apparel coupons popped up on target.com, including $3 off any mossimo apparel item.  i held onto it until it expired 6/18 and finally purchased the least expensive mossimo item i could find, this basic navy cami, which has been on my "need" list for a while.

merona collection shanelle top - originally $22.99, thrifted new for $2.99 {goodwill}
because the goodwills in my area receive so much clearance/damaged target stock, it's hard not to fill a basket to the brim of merona and mossimo.  i have become more selective with what i purchase... but come on, a cute and simple top for $2.99?  i think it will look great paired with a black pencil skirt, fuchsia cardigan, and perhaps these shoes:

old navy bauble flats - thrifted for $1.49 {goodwill}
i own these flats in both black and grey {that i purchased on a mega-clearance at an old navy B&M store a few years ago}.  they are a cute, simple flat with a little visual interest, which is something i am always aiming for when putting together an outfit.  these were rubber-banded together and in the discount shoe bin at goodwill.  i did a quick scan, and upon not seeing any scuffs, stains, or major wear i decided to get them... for $1.49!  most flats & skimmers retail for over $20 right now at old navy, so i would say this was not a bad deal at all.

not pictured:
  • merona brown tights - thrifted for 99c {unworn & in original packaging}
  • gap button-up {pink with circle print} from 2005 - thrifted for $2.49 
  • gap coral/pink long sleeved v neck cardi from 2009 - thrifted for $4.99
there you have it! a very verbose detailing of my clothing purchases for june.  it helps me to stay accountable to what i'm putting into my closet as opposed to purchasing any heavily clearanced items upon instinct just because i think it's a good deal.  i've done enough of that in the past.  i believe all of these items will work well with the rest of what my closet has to offer!

if you're curious, starting in january 2011 i started listing all of the clothing, shoe, and accessory purchases i made in an effort to 1) get an idea of how much i'm really spending on clothes each month, and 2) to find the average amount that will become my clothing budget.

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