29 July 2011

friday: where i blog

welcome to my desk!  this is where i blog, online window shop, pay bills, and spend hours on google reader reading all of your lovely blogs!  in all of the apartments, houses, and dorm rooms i've lived in i have always had a desk.  i remember when my family moved into a new home in georgia before i started third grade.  i was so proud of my desk and my matching desk accessories and remember smiling proudly for an equally proud mom as i had my picture taken in front of my big desk.  my current desk was a $20 find from ikea and its flanked by bookcases in front of my window.  it's been in several different locations in my room as i try to figure out the best arrangement of my furniture, but i think this is where it will stay.  aside from early mornings when the sun is so bright that it's blinding sitting in this spot, i love this little nook and being surrounded by all of my favorite things...


thanks for hosting this fun visual fbff, suze!

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