29 July 2011

friday (snazzy)

 shirt: gap  skirt: merona {thrifted new}
necklace: target {thrifted new}    belt: kohl's    flats: old navy bauble flats

this gap denim-ish shirt is from 2003. i love how the gap brands have tags inside the clothing that notes the season and year it was released; it does so much to quell my curiosity, especially when i find a gap brand at the goodwill. does anyone else ever look at those? this is one of the first items i ever bought at gap, the first probably being that over-sized gray hooded sweatshirt from the men's department with "GAP" sprawled across the chest. i don't know about you guys, but those sweatshirts were it around the time i was in high school (?) and i thought i had to have one. if i still had it, i'd check the tag and tell you the exact era. anyway, it's nice when a piece of clothing sticks around for eight years and is still pretty classic, like this shirt.

so is this outfit too snazzy for a friday? i don't often think about "dressing down" at the end of the week but maybe i should. i've started to wear flats more frequently on fridays, but that attempt was probably negated by my big, chunky necklace. ah, well. i'm entering into the weekend with style.

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