01 August 2011

monday (in minneapolis)

izaac mizrahi for target button-down {thrifted}   merona slacks {thrifted target stock}
lela rose for payless "finsbury" heels  
target bauble necklace {thrifted target stock}   f21 belt {thrifted nwt}

like i mentioned here, i have a particular uniform i wear when i visit clients i have never met before or clients of a different culture, so you'll notice today's outfit is really similar as i met with a non-english speaking client in downtown minneapolis. the latter is what i was worried most about, as this saint paul girl doesn't often make it across the river!  i made it back to tell the tale, though.  i'm incredibly conscious of how i come across to people of different cultures and how my body language, manners, and speech will be interpreted, but i still don't want to lose the essence of me in trying to control all of those variables. i'd like to think there was still something fun about this outfit, even if i felt like i was settling for something bland & boring for the purpose of my day.

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