02 August 2011

tuesday (times three)

gap shrunken cardigan   merona ruffle shirred-edge tank {thrifted target stock}  
merona doubleweave skirt {thrifted target stock}   old navy flats

this was the third outfit i put on this morning, and i'm not sure if i'm any happier with it than the first outfit i tried.  do you ever get that feeling when you've picked out and planned an outfit the night before, and you put it on feel so defeated when you don't feel the way in it that you wanted to?  and then that comes across in the pictures that you take?  i will say that i love this cardigan from the gap, $11.99 well spent.  so let's just focus on that today (but disregard how many times i've already worn it the past few weeks) and i'll try to feel better about whatever outfit comes tomorrow!

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