03 August 2011


 merona collection "melissa" dress   old navy cardigan
target belt {thrifted new}   merona "myka" wedges   gleeful peacock earrings

this morning i went to a networking/educational presentation for continuing education credits for my licensure. it's always interesting to attend these types of events and to be surrounded by colleagues in my own field. like anyone who thinks a lot about their own personal style, i like to see how others in my field present themselves and, yeah, what they're wearing! unfortunately there are always few people close to my age whose attire i would be most interested in comparing/contrasting to my own and women 20-30 years older than me dress a lot differently than i do or would choose to at that age. i'm glad i wore this cute dress rather than playing it safe in black slacks and a boring top!

ps: i'm a horrible multi-tasker through & through and am trying to think of ways to take more thoughtful photos, bear with me!

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