08 July 2011


as a new blogger, i'm feeling a little daunted trying to "introduce" myself to my readers.  i'm taking a tip from something i saw on another blog {ashlee at casual & clueless} and posting a fact about myself for the first week of to l&s.  i'm looking forward to getting to know you all as well, too!

#3: i love to read.
literacy had to come in here somewhere, as it is the very important half of my blog's title {kudos to anyone who can make the reference.}  i've always loved reading and learning and precious square footage in my small bedroom in my apartment is overtaken by two bookcases that are filled to the brim.  i don't have anything profound to say about my love of reading and i'm not quite sure how/if it will be worked into this blog in any way, it's just my favorite hobby.  i love collecting classics {the older & more worn, the better}, mostly through swap.com or the goodwill.  the 15 cent bin of books at goodwill is my favorite, it's how i have come to amass so many books!

so what am i reading right now?  emma by jane austen.  my sister and i recently watched the 1996 adaption through our cable company's free movie channel on tv, so afterwards i felt inspired to read the book, which i received in high school in and had never read until now.

button-up: gap {thrifted}  slacks: merona {thrifted new}
heels: lela rose for payless    magenta belt: merona {thrifted new}

this is usually what i wear to home visits with clients who i have never met before. black slacks, a nice button-up shirt, and heels with dark hose since i most likely take my shoes off in their homes. i think today's outfit fit the bill for what i needed to accomplish. on days like this, it's all about function and feeling comfortable and professional... with a pop of something fun, too.  i love how the belt works so seamlessly with the print in the shirt!

also, these black lela rose for payless heels were the first "grown up" heels i bought and i liked them so much i got them in brown, too. they're looking pretty beat up these days, but they have served me well in the beginnings of my professional wardrobe.

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