06 July 2011


here's fact two of my week-long facts to help you get to know me!

#2: i'm a social worker
i realize now that my post from yesterday may have come across as though my favorite band rules my life, but my career as a social worker actually (usually... there's paid time off for a reason...) takes precedence.  i have a masters degree in social work and my job is to support older adults to remain living successfully and independently in the community.  i also provide care coordination to some members of a state-wide health plan.  i was blessed to find a part-time job in my field six months after completing grad school, and through some pretty early-on networking i landed a second part-time position that went full-time a couple months ago.  i work in a small, but close-knit office with four amazing women.  i would love to talk more about  my career in the future if anyone expresses an interest in learning more about my field.  until then, here's a nice segue into what i wore to work today:

cardigan: merona
white cami: old navy
black belt: merona
navy skirt: banana republic
black heels: unlisted

i started doubting this outfit after i glanced at myself in the bathroom mirror a couple times today, so it felt good when one of my coworkers said how nicely i looked!  she asked if the skirt was new and i stated that it wasn't... new to me, yes, but actually my entire outfit is from the goodwill except the white cami!

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