09 July 2011


as a new blogger, i'm feeling a little daunted trying to "introduce" myself to my readers.  i'm taking a tip from something i saw on another blog {ashlee at casual & clueless} and posting a fact about myself for the first week of to l&s.  i'm looking forward to getting to know you all as well, too!

#4: i love to coupon!
no, not the "extreme couponing" that you might have seen on tlc.  my favorite part of the week is sunday mornings when i get to flip through the ads and coupon inserts and file them away in my coupon binder.  one should never pay more for something than you need to, and couponing helps with that!  i've had some pretty awesome trips to the register in the past and it's all about combining great sales with coupons.  there are a few blogs i follow that are great about getting people going with coupons and sales, let me know if you're interested in the links!  is anyone else out there a fellow couponer?

purple ruffle blouse: old navy
celery green cardi: style & co
black pencil skirt: merona {thrifted}
silver belt: thrifted
black bauble flats: old navy
necklace: charm and chain from michaels

so, one should never be the last one in the office on a friday, but if you are it can be the perfect time to snap a quick outfit photo.  since starting this blog a whoppin' three days ago i have constantly been scanning the sides of the roads to & from the office and when i am out in the community meeting with clients for places to take pictures.  those perfect locations aren't always going to pop up though, so sometimes you just have to make do and head home!

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