19 July 2011


purple blouse: merona {thrifted new}   pencil skirt: merona {thrifted new}
green belt: f21 {thrifted new}   purse: lplp linea pelle {target}   black pumps: unlisted {thrifted}

it is so cliche to moan about the weather, but my gosh it is hot in minnesota.  it's definitely not cold here year round!  well, maybe cold as in i nearly melted running outside to take these pictures this afternoon.  i'll take the blame for this poor decision, it  definitely was not my hair's idea.  i wish i knew of some good products that would keep my hair frizz-free in the humidity, but it's probably just in my genes!  i do sincerely apologize about the frizz-tastic hair and harsh sunlight and awkward pose... i tell you, something has got to give!  until then, this is what i've got.

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