19 August 2011

friday (belted)

jcrew chiffon ruffle blouse {thrifted nwt-i know!}   merona doubleweave slacks {thrifted new}
scarf as belt   merona maribel wedges {thrifted new}   target necklace

happy belt day!  i decided that since i wear a belt almost every day i needed to up my game, so i whipped out this scarf and my sheer chiffon blouse... can you tell i'm really going crazy on a friday?  one of the service coordinators at my grad school internship who worked in a senior high rise gave me this scarf.  i think it was given to her by one of the residents?  so it wasn't really gifted to me, just given to me because she didn't want it.  never to turn down free accessories (or free food, i still have that grad school mentality), i've held onto it post-internship for over two years now and this is the first time i've tried to wear it in any way.  better late than never.

also, it's bothering me so i feel the need to point out that the bulge in my pocket on the close-up shot of my scarf belt is my cell phone in my pocket.  :\

ann wishes you all a happy weekend!

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