18 August 2011

thursday (blocked)

merona nicole dress {thrifted target stock}   merona essential cardigan {thrifted target stock}
old navy bauble flats   target belt {thrifted target stock}
you guys, is this color blocking?  i googled the term and the images that came up weren't that helpful, so i just picked my brightest skirt (actually it's a dress) and a cardigan with a hue i thought was complimentary and called it color blocking.  does it still count if i break it up with a belt?  should i have buttoned all the buttons on my cardigan?  please advise.  meanwhile, i'll go check out the other color blockers who are taking part in freckles in april's 21 day challenge.  tomorrow we're all wearing belts, hopefully i can figure that one out on my own!

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