29 August 2011

tuesday (denim)

old navy cardigan   merona purple ruffle shell {thrifted target stock}
old navy diva trouser jeans   mossimo "kat" booties   kohls jewelry

today i went to an all day workshop series for continuing education credits for my social work licensure.  i've talked about attending theses events before and how interesting it is to be surrounded my other colleagues, as i'm always curious about how peers my age dress.  however, my boss texted me last night stating that it was okay to wear jeans, so i knew this would definitely be a more casual atmosphere.  if we were allowed to wear jeans on fridays at my office, this is what i would probably wear--trouser jeans, heels, and a nice cardigan and blouse.  it was definitely fun to wear an outfit like this today since i never get to dress so casually at work!

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