29 August 2011

weekend (summit & fair)

this weekend some friends were in town, so on saturday we went to the summit brewery tour - finally!  summit is my favorite brew, so i'm glad i finally got a chance to attend the brewery tour... reservations are really hard to get! the tour itself was not that interesting, perhaps it was our volunteer guide, but of course the best part of any brewery tour is always enjoying some tasty pilsner glass samples with friends!


afterwards, we went to the state fair.  i didn't get to see or do many of the things that i wanted to, and i didn't end up in any pictures because i was the one taking them all, but i'll be going back for another day before it wraps up - i can't wait to see the goats and baby piglets!  one new attraction that was added this year was the great sing along (bottom left - we were singing along to "dynamite"), which was SO fun.  i could have hung out there all day.

sunday was another long day of bouncing around to three goodwills with my mom (didn't find a single thing at any of them... it happens!) and a trip to ikea.  i hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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