31 August 2011

tuesday (menswear)


merona button-up {thrifted target stock}   gap v-neck sweater   
 merona doubleweave slacks {thrifted target stock}   merona marylynn mary janes  
target bauble necklace {thrifted target stock}   kohl's belt

this outfit might not be truly menswear inspired since i'm not wearing a vest or a pair of suspenders, but the look of a collared shirt always feels a bit more masculine to me, especially in this color scheme.  if it were cool enough (it was towards the end of the day), i would have added a blazer.  truthfully though, i loved this look and i felt really classic & put-together all day... which is definitely my goal.  either way, i think i am going to have to be on the look out for a great little vest the next time i go to the goodwill!

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