02 September 2011

friday (adorned)

 merona charlie jacquard skirt   gap tee   merona ruffle cardigan {thrifted new}
f21 purple belt {thrifted new}   mossimo odell ballet flats   jcrew headband

wearing this little headband might be interpreting today's prompt of "adorning my head" pretty loosely, but i don't often wear headbands so it was something new to try today.  i like trying something a little different on fridays when everyone is a little more casual, especially if i don't have any client home visits.  today i did, but i don't think my wild skirt or headband scared my client off too much!

now this might be terrible to admit, but my skirt literally started falling apart in the middle of the day.  first i noticed a brown string of thread trailing down my leg, which i soon realized was the hem unraveling itself.  then, as i was driving to my home visit this afternoon, my zipper literally pulled apart!  how embarrassing.  is the universe trying to tell me i need to visit the exercise room in my apartment a little more frequently?  well, it worked, the elliptical and i had a date as soon as i got home.  thank goodness i was wearing an extra layer with the tank and the long sweater!  have you ever had an unfortunate fashion disaster like this before?

happy weekend!

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