03 September 2011

saturday (sewing)

with my awesome mom in town, i knew we would be doing some crafting. we went to joann's yesterday to pick out fabric for a valance she is going to make for the window in my bedroom, and upon perusing the  clearance fabric, my eyes ran across this fabric that i thought would be great for a skirt.  i've wanted to make a skirt for a while, but despite having a very crafty mom, i have no experience with sewing.  this fabric ended up being $1 a yard, so we got it and found a $1.49 simplicity skirt pattern. 

today we started making the skirt, and i was really proud of myself for completing all of the steps with just my mom's assistance reading the pattern, aligning the pieces, and getting me familiarized with my nana's old sewing machine. all was going well (look at that great pocket in the last picture!) until i sewed the back to the front and tried it on and realized the fabric didn't really fit over my hips! it was a pretty discouraging moment... we didn't take my measurements before starting to cut the pattern. i'm sure that's the #1 mistake all newbie sewers make. my mom isn't a newbie sewer by any means, but she hasn't sewn garments in a while and probably wanted to placate me and my assumption that i was a certain number size rather than taking my actual measurements.  

all hope is not lost, my mom let out the side seams and it fits a bit better now and we're going to find a way to make it work by adding a side zipper or finding the same fabric at another joann's and cutting another back panel. we also did some googling and found a much simpler pattern (it's similar to the one tania references here, and we'll probably go with a waistband like hers) and i picked out two more fabric selections at joann's this afternoon. it feels so great to work on something alongside my mom and create some lovely skirts that i am so excited to wear and say that i made myself. so, stay tuned for more adventures on the sewing front!

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