19 September 2011

weekend (marathoning)

this weekend my sister & i headed two hours north to spend some times with friends, one of whom participated in the inline skating marathon in duluth, minnesota.  i love being a spectator at these types of events... cheering for each person who passes and clapping my hands raw.  it was a beautiful day!

after a great lunch and a little recouping, we set off across the street of our friend's house to lake superior.  what an incredible place to live--we walked out their backdoor to a walking/bike trail that led under the highway (and next to a train track) and right to the lake.  it was nice to sit there for a while, listen to the waves, and walk along the rocky beach before we headed home. i am definitely a homebody during the weekends, but i also like to have the opportunity to see some of my favorite spots in the state, even if it was a quick trip up there and back.  i hope everyone had a peaceful weekend!

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