20 September 2011

tuesday (two-thirds)

handmade skirt {fabric from joanns}   old navy cropped cardigan   merona belt {thrifted new}
dkny brown tights {thrifted new}  loeffler randall for target rosette ballet flats

this is another one of the skirts that i made with my mom when she was here for a visit, and i'm not sure if i could love it any more.  my lovely coworkers were so kind enough to compliment me today too & i got to gush about it.  i picked up three more batches of fabric at joanns last night, so expect to see more skirts like these in the future if i can figure out how to wind a bobbin on my sewing machine without my mom's help.  my boss also kindly added that i always seem to put together good color combinations.  you probably can't tell that there's a tiny blue rim around the little white blossoms on the skirt, but that is the reasoning why it's paired with this awkward cropped cardigan that i've never been able to find a way to wear.  blue & yellow also makes sense to me because of the two-thirds rule.  i don't think i would have felt as confident in this outfit a couple years ago and maybe would have naturally reached for a brown cardigan instead, but i learned a lot from the chics and their color tutorials.  i would really recommend taking a look at that resource on their blog!

i hope you had a wonderful day as well.  thanks for reading!

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