21 September 2011

wednesday (defensive)

merona kasey cowl sweater {thrifted new}   to the max gray skirt
simply vera wang tights   croft & barrow necklace   old navy bauble flats
when i came into the office today, my coworker assessed my outfit and then asked if i went on a shopping spree when my mom was in town.  she must think that i never repeat an outfit, but she's been working with me for over a year so she should know better than that!  i found this sweater in april at the goodwill for $1.50 on a half-off red tag day (the red tags here are all of the donated target stock) and this skirt three years ago in the clearance rack at a wal-mart in georgia for $5 that i've never worn until today (it's too short to wear bare-legged and for some reason i didn't wear it last winter).  i know i wear these black flats all the time, but my legs rebelled against being put inside my tall boots today. 
since i primarily shop at the goodwill, i think i do amass more quantity of clothes (but hopefully still good quality items) that maybe leads people who see me on a daily basis to think that i shop all the time.  i haven't felt it necessary to disclose my shopping habits and deals with other people when they comment on my dress though, and despite the fact that i stick to a really low budget every month and do reevaluate the purchases that i make, conversations like the one i had today with my coworker make me feel a little defensive.  do you ever feel that way?  maybe i should just say "thank you" and not think so much about it!

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  1. I know what u mean. At work they constantly say you never wear the same thing twice. You shop all the time!! It drives me because they know I shop garage sales and target 75% off. I always feel like I have to defend myself. I think we should just start saying thanks and leave it at that!!