22 September 2011

thursday (cognac)

 merona essentials cardigan {thrifted new}   old navy blouse
isaac mizrahi for target skirt {thrifted}   merona leather belt {thrifted new}
forever21 medieval filigree bracelet    apt 9 tights   old navy sliver wedge boots
 gap jean jacket   merona scarf {thrifted new}  mossimo top handle flap handbag {thrifted new}

i know it's not a "rule" anymore to match your shoes, belt, and purse, but there is a certain put-togethered feeling of matchyness that i love... well, even though my purse doesn't match.  speaking of purses, usually i never glance at the purses at the goodwill, but i reached for this one last month and noticed that its red tag signified that it was target stock.  the stitching of one end had come undone, but that was a quick fix with a sewing machine... and now i have a new purse for $1.99.  it's big enough that i can fit my nalgene bottle or dslr in there too, which i love!  have a great evening!

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