26 September 2011

monday (suds)

 banana republic blouse & cardigan {thrifted}   merona doubleweave slacks {thrifted new}
 f21 bright skinny belt   target bauble necklace   merona marylynn suede mary janes

i was starting to pride myself on not getting sick last month, even though my sister was coughing up a storm and touching all of the doorknobs and remote buttons in our apartment.  then over the past couple weeks my coworkers were infesting our small office with their sicknesses... still, nothing.  but my immune system finally gave out and i now have the suds.  i hope it looks like more thought went into this outfit than really did.  we all have those days!

this evening, it was heidi vs the neti pot.  my sister swears by it, and i got this one free from their facebook and decided it was time to try it out.  it was really hard for me, i couldn't get it at the right angle to really clear out my sinuses, but i'll keep trying.  someone out there has got to have some neti pot tips for me!

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