10 October 2011

monday (handmade)


mossimo long sleeved tee   handmade (by me) skirt
kohl's necklace   old navy quilted flats
it feels pretty odd to list out what i'm wearing today and not have the {thrifted} tag behind any items!  aside from this great plum colored skirt that i made yesterday (it still feels so fun to be able to say that!), everything else that i'm wearing is pretty old - a plain black tee from target and these flats from old navy that i threw on because they match the belt so well.  i really love this skirt though and the cute pockets i made with leftover fabric from another project, but pretty soon my closet is going to be bursting with skirts... this is the fifth one i've made!  at this rate, i might need to start giving some away!

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