12 October 2011

tuesday (red)

daisy fuentes dress   old navy sweater   target scarf
simply vera tights   mossimo kachari boots

hello, from tuesday.  i realized that i never posted this outfit that i wore yesterday because i was too busy catching up on my google reader instead.  i get really overwhelmed when it reaches over 200+ unread posts!  the reason why i am posting my outfit from yesterday instead of what i wore today (even though i am wearing my new blowfish bylth booties today that i will be swearing by all winter), is because of a dream my coworker told me about this morning that featured the two of us.  she said we were both sharing a work apartment and she had books & clothes strewn everywhere (that sounds more like me, i should show you all my bookcases sometime) and there was a cat there as well that had eyes she described as red as the tights i was wearing yesterday.  now, i realize that my photography isn't really showing the true color of my tights here, as they are really a rust color...  but if i am leaving that sort of impression with my coworkers that the hue of my tights pops up in thier dreams... well, maybe my tight color choices are too crazy.  i don't know!  what do you think?

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