13 October 2011

thursday (powerful)

merona artist v-neck cardigan   mossimo trs herringbone skirt {thrifted new}
lela rose for payless finsbury heels   simply vera tights   forever 21 bangle

today was a tough day for me.  my profession isn't all roses & rainbows, but it's even less so when one of my clients is going through a crisis.  i tried to feel powerful through presentation today with my dress, even though i was only speaking to people regarding this crisis over the phone... but it did help me to feel confident in what i needed to communicate.  after my tense morning, i went outside for a breather and sat in my car to eat lunch and go through google reader on my iphone.  ten minutes later, a car drove up and three people got out of it and started looking at the car that was parked to my left... opening the hood, commenting on the tires, starting it up.  i'm assuming the car was one of theirs and maybe it was having some trouble, but it was awkward.  no longer could i enjoy any peace & quiet or sit there oblivious to those people and continue to eat my lunch, even though my windows are pretty tinted.  yet i didn't want to get out and leave my car there because i couldn't figure out what these people were doing and one of the car doors was opened so wide, mine would have hit it if i opened it!  so i turned on my car and drove to another part of the parking lot.  at least i know what part of the parking lot to now avoid! 

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