14 October 2011

friday (quintessential)

old navy v-neck sweater   handmade (by me) skirt {fabric from joann's}
merona leather belt {thrifted new}   target bauble necklace   old navy sliver wedge boots

today's fbff is highlighting our quintessential fall look, and this is mine!  i am not sure if there is anything better than wearing tights, knee highs, and boots when there is a little chill in the air, which was definitely the case today with a temperature this morning of just about 50 when i left for work.  thanks to iris of 260 days no repeats for hosting!

in case you're getting sick of seeing me in so many handmade skirts {1, 2, 3, 4}, this is the most recent one i've made and i don't have any others waiting in the wings to be worn.  chances are, you might not even see this one again as it's made out of home decor fabric {if i look like a curtain, that's why} and my mom so wisely informed me that the fabric might not be suited for regular machine washing.  up to this point in my sewing adventures i've gone by look and touch and haven't read the labels on the fabric bolts to learn about the fabric or its care... i'm more drawn to the print or feel of the fabric, and the price - if it's less than $3-4 a yard, it might get taken to the cutting counter.  so, we'll see what becomes of this skirt!

happy weekend!

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