17 October 2011

monday (monday?)

old navy turtleneck   old navy blazer {thrifted}
merona doubleweave slacks {thrifted new}
forever21 necklace   mossimo kat booties
i feel like i've kind of been hit & miss lately.  i went to the goodwill yesterday and had two items in my hands that i carried around the entire store only to put them back on the rack and leave instead with a mustardy yellow tablecloth for $1.99 that i think i could probably make three skirts out of (maybe i will and give some away!  would anyone be interested?).  today i went to joann's and had three bolts of red tag clearance fabric in front of me but couldn't pull the trigger on any of them.  maybe i've just reached a saturation point of shopping & buying... that's definitely not a bad thing, but it sure doesn't make going to my favorite stores that much fun!

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