19 October 2011

wednesday (ordeals)

mossimo draped elastic waist dress   gap cardigan   f21 medieval filigree bangle
merona leather belt {thrifted new}   old navy sliver wedge boots
i had a long night last night.  i brought my car into a shop to get new tires at 5pm, expecting it would only take about an hour, as that is the time i was quoted.  i also thought that by making an appointment, they would be prepared for my arrival and stagger any other appointments or walk-ins they received.  well, what i thought was logical definitely wasn't reality as it took three hours for the tire installation to be completed.  although i received an explanation about the length of time it took to complete the job, i could barely squeak an apology out of the sales associate despite my thanking them for getting the job done.  it made me feel like my time wasn't a concern.  it takes so little effort for people in retail or service industries to make customers feel validated and that their business is appreciated, and i think i have clout to say this because i have worked in three different retail jobs over the years and the managers i had at each one were adamant about providing good customer service, greeting every customer, and always doing something within the store and not just idly standing around.  anyway, i feel better now that i have new tires on my car for the impending winter, but the experience didn't leave me feeling good about giving the company my business.  has anyone else noticed this trend?

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