20 October 2011

thursday (frosty)

merona leigh crosshatch dress, merona cardigan, & target belt {all thrifted target stock}
old navy tights   lela rose for payless finsbury heels   target necklace
today was the first morning that i had to scrape frost off my window shields.  as soon as i approached my car and ran my fingers down my back window and realized it was indeed ice and not condensation i thought, "here we go."  i have some interesting winter-related car ordeals.  the best from last winter was getting a car wash on a mild day, my doors freezing shut over night (this has happened a previous winter as well.  if i mention any time between now and march that i am going to get a car wash, feel free to kindly discourage me not to), and not being able to open either of my two car doors.  there are only so many options you have in situations such as these.  i was finally able to pry the trunk open and crawled into the trunk and through the backseat wearing a skirt and the boots i was wearing yesterday.  you know, when it's winter in minnesota you do what you have to do.  after this morning i'm realizing... winter is calling.

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