21 October 2011

friday (sewing)

i find my attitude towards clothing shifts every so often, and i'm sensing a new pattern emerging.  i will always be "thrifty" and frugal and it will always be difficult for me to go beyond the threshold of money i am willing to spend on certain items, which is really low.  but for that reason alone, i'm excited about my latest adventure - sewing. i have the most fun when i have a free afternoon and can wander the clearance shelves at joann fabrics for fabric to make skirts out of. you've all read my major gushing about my ability to craft these items with no prior sewing experience. it has been such a great creative outlet this past month and something that i'm really proud to have stuck to. i've never had patience to learn how to knit or crochet and i love the idea of making my own jewelry, but after making a few pieces my creativity was blocked and my plastic container of beads and supplies has gone untouched, hidden in the bottom of my closet.

i'm determined to stick with sewing and hopefully take it a step farther by finding other ways to engage in this interest like re-purposing items that others no longer want into items that i do - i mentioned that i found a great mustard yellow tablecloth at the goodwill last weekend that i can probably make three skirts out of (want one?).  you never know what you might find at the goodwill & how low it will be priced!  i'll probably still stick to scouring the red tag clearance fabric at joanns, too.  the picture above is what i left with yesterday.

i'm finding that a little creativity goes a long way & it feels good! do you ever find it difficult to stay engaged in your interests? what works?

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