24 October 2011

monday (deactivated)

handmade (by me) skirt   mossimo sweater
merona tights   lela rose for payless finsbury heels
forever 21 belt   loft necklace (won in giveaway)

today was definitely a monday, wasn't it?  i had a really hard time getting activated to do anything today.  yet if i were home all day, i'm sure i would have whipped up half a dozen skirts like the one i am wearing.  i mentioned this on friday, but it feels so good to be engaged creatively with something i am interested in.  i really think i could sit at my sewing machine and crank out skirt after skirt, but my closet is overflowing as it is so i don't know how well that would work after a while!  well anyway, i am going to watch the sing off and finish another skirt this evening and hopefully end this day on a more positive note.  here's to looking forward to tuesday!

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