25 October 2011

tuesday (table-clothing)

thrifted tablecloth turned skirt  old navy cardigan
target belt {thrifted new}   mossimo kachiri boots
i've mentioned a couple times how i bought this yellow tablecloth at the goodwill for $1.99 and it was big enough to cut two skirts out of with some leftover fabric for pockets for future skirts.  so, two skirts for $1 each?  yes, please.  i've found myself gradually wanting to add more yellow into my wardrobe, with the first skirt i made and an embossed yellow belt and now with this skirt.  i used to worry about wearing certain colors, not knowing if they "went well" with my skin tone or hair color, but now i just wear what i love... and right now, i definitely love yellow!

here is a picture of the tablecloth before i got cutting:
 thanks for reading!

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