16 November 2011

wednesday (challenged: bow blouse)

 old navy bow tie blouse {temporarily swapped}   gap cardigan
semantiks skirt {thrifted}   handmade necklace
target belt   american eagle myles riding boots
why is it that the week leading up to a vacation is always so stressful?  i always feel twice as stressed before i can finally leave for a vacation and totally let it all go.  all i can think about is everything that needs to be done around my apartment before the end of the week {i can't stand coming home to a messy apartment after a trip... or knowing that my pet sitter is going to see my mess while i'm away!}.  hopefully my look didn't come across as disheveled as my mind feels.  i wasn't quite sure how to wear this bow-tie blouse whitney sent me for our challenge this week; i tried to be creative and wear it backwards but that didn't work, so i wore it the most natural way tied loosely in the front.  i remember seeing this blouse at old navy but didn't snatch it up, so i'm glad i got to wear whitney's!  if you haven't been with me this week, my friend whitney from between the lines and i are participating in a challenge to style some of each other's clothes that we get stuck wearing the same way over & over.  i have a few more of her pieces to wear, so stick with me!
thanks to any new followers who have come over here from whitney's blog, i hope you are enjoying following our challenge from both perspectives!

{see how whitney wore it here}

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