17 November 2011

thursday (challenged: polka dot scarf)


merona kasey cowl sweater {thrifted new}   polka-dot scarf {temporarily swapped}
merona doubleweave slacks {thrifted new}   old navy desert wedges   forever 21 necklace
despite being the coldest morning of the season so far this year, i felt warm & cozy in this outfit.  i still can't believe we have yet to have any snowfall or overnight temperatures below freezing.  in an effort not to shock my system too much with the 18* temps this morning, i dressed in slacks & shoes so i could wear knee-highs and this cozy sweater.  and the perfect pop of something fun was this cute lightweight scarf that whitney from between the lines sent me for our challenge this week {we are styling some of each other's clothes that we get stuck wearing the same way over & over, so be sure to visit her!}  whitney is really pulling me out of my comfort zone with stripes, polka dots, and animal prints {stay tuned, that's coming tomorrow!} - but i love it.  this little print is so classic & fun and i love what it added to an otherwise pretty simple outfit.

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