18 November 2011

friday (challenged: zebra skirt)

 merona zebra skirt   cherokee girls denim shirt {thrifted new}
forever21 embossed belt   old navy bauble flats

this week my friend whitney from between the lines and i have been participating in a challenge to style some of each other's clothes that we get stuck wearing the same way over & over.  i am going to be sad when i have to send whitney all of her clothes back!  now, i love a good skirt and this one is wow!  however, like i mentioned in this post, i sometimes struggle with what to pair with skirts that are just two colors.  in fact, i just put a floral print black & white skirt in my goodwill bag.  but, i was up for whatever whitney wanted to send me and felt pretty good about how this outfit turned out.  i've learned that you can pretty much pair denim or chambray with anything and it will look pretty decent.  what a way to end the week than in a great skirt!

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