21 November 2011

monday (floral)

mossimo sweater   merona doubleweave floral print skirt
loeffler randall for target rosette flats   handmade necklace
i again profess my love for target skirts.  way back in august i had my eye on this skirt, passed it up when it went on sale, and then missed out when it went on clearance... until a couple weeks ago i did a sweep through the clearance aisles and my eye zoned into this lonely skirt stuck between a handful of khaki pants.  i believe that it always pays to wait; i didn't need this skirt back in august, i was just drawn to the print.  i keep my eye on things i like and purchase it if the price is right... and at $5.74, the price was definitely right for this skirt {it's too bad i there weren't any target coupons to pair with it!}.  do you feel the same, or do you regularly purchase clothes at full price?
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