22 November 2011

tuesday (fifteen)

i'll count:  that's fourteen + 1 not pictured = fifteen handmade skirts.  in two months.  am i crazy, creative, or just really crafty?!  i finally ran out of my room in my skirts closet {yes, it's sad: i have a closet devoted solely to my skirts & shoes} and had to wrangle all of these out to be stored more suitably elsewhere.  they're now all lying flat in this under-the-bed clear storage bin!

by the time you are reading this i will be celebrating the thanksgiving holiday with my family in my hometown and sewing other things like pajama pants and my first blouse with my mom.  so, if all goes as planned you'll see me in some other handmade wears next week {but probably not the pajama pants!}

do you have a favorite?  am i crazy?  you can tell me, i can take it!

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