23 November 2011

wednesday (an ode)

today:  an ode to my favorite old navy faux suede gray boots.  i remember so clearly how these boots came into my life.  we were acquainted at some point a couple years ago,  but they never made their way into my hands  until i was reminded of their awesomeness when i saw them at an old navy an hour & a half away from my house.  i asked the sales associate to do a merch check for me in my size and she found that the mall of america store had two.  i begrudgingly made my way there on my way home - the MOA is not my first choice of somewhere to go in the middle of the day on a weekend, but for these boots i did.  luckily, i found them and quickly snatched them off of an endcap.  

fast forward ot this weekend.  my sister and i had a 12 hour drive ahead of us to travel home for thanksgiving, so i dressed in leggings, a dress, and my favorite old navy boots = ultimate driving comfort.  i kicked them off at the foot of the bed when we got to our hotel, and the bedspread draped over the edge of the bed when i went to sleep... when we left the next morning, i didn't pull the bedspread back up to see my poor boots hiding under there.  and i didn't remember until yesterday after seeing so many fashionable ladies in atlanta wearing their own tall boots that i forgot them at the hotel!

thankfully, a quick call to the hotel and checking by one of the staff confirmed that they were found and that they'll hold them for me until we drive back through this weekend... but how frustrating & sad to think that i had lost these boots forever.  have you ever left anything at a hotel before?  hopefully the hotel will keep them in a safe place for me and this won't be the end.  but in case it is, i will always remember how happy i look in this outfit wearing my favorite boots:

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