05 December 2011

monday (pants: take one)

 merona argyle sweater & tie neck blouse {thrifted target stock}
mossimo slacks {thrifted target stock}   old navy desert wedges
i've decided that this week will be a self-imposed pants week here at l&s.  i don't often see many of my fellow bloggers wear dress slacks, even those who work in business environments.  i have a lot of nice slacks that sit in my closet, but if i do reach for a pair it's always my standard black pair.  so, in an effort to switch it up a bit around here {i'm sure you are all sick of seeing the handmade skirts i wear every other day}, i'm going to be wearing pants all week!  i can't think of anything more exciting!  to start things off, this is a pair of mossimo slacks i found as new target stock at the goodwill.  i even have the skirt to match. for a nice dark, neutral gray they unfortunately don't get worn very often.

it's pretty obvious that i love my target, and i love my donated target stock that i find at the goodwill even more.  i was at a foster the people concert last night and didn't get home until midnight, so thank goodness for these pants that were already laid out for me for pants week and another quick selection of a blouse & cardigan from my closet that paired well together.  the concert was pretty much worth my reduction in sleep, but i could have enjoyed it a lot more... like if i were three feet taller and more tolerant of obnoxious people.  isn't that how it always goes?!  i always thought i was of average height, but not at concerts!  either way, they put on a great show and it was fun to see this band live whose cd pretty much hasn't left the player in my car for months.  are you a fan (of my outfit or the band, take your pick!)?

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